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Pressure Washing

Western State Exhaust Cleaning are the pressure washing professionals that Honolulu turns to for residential and commercial cleaning.
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Pressure Washing

Whether you need commercial or residential power washing services, there’s no better team to turn to than Western State Exhaust Cleaning! With years of experience in all areas of cleaning, we give you the best service with the best results including flexible scheduling that works with your busy life. Our teams are efficient and work quickly to limit the inconvenience to you!

For our pressure washing services, we can clean all the exterior areas and will customize any service to suit your needs from residential to commercial and industrial buildings. Whatever you need cleaned, we’ll get to work and make it look like new! Give us a call at Western State Exhaust Cleaning today to get started!

Residential Pressure Washing

You’ve probably seen those satisfying videos where people pressure wash decks, homes, buildings, and sidewalks to get them looking like new. Western State Exhaust Cleaning can do that for you! If you’re trying to boost your curb appeal and want your home to look like new again, we’ve got the tools and experience to get the job done. We use low pressure on areas that have vinyl or stucco siding on them so no damage happens to your home while we clean. Each of our techs is trained and certified in pressure washing and have an intimate knowledge of what works best for each home and project so you always get the right results!

Commercial Pressure Washing

The first thing your customers see is the outside of your building so you want to put your best foot forward. Western State Exhaust Cleaning can help spruce up the outside of your business! We can clean all exterior surfaces and power away dirt, dust, grime, and graffiti in no time. Don’t keep losing business because your property or building might look a little dingy! Get in contact with our certified team today to clean up your business and building!

Industrial Pressure Washing

When you’ve got a lot to wash and not much time to do it, give our team at Western State Exhaust Cleaning a call! Whether it’s a fleet of cars, tons of equipment, or several buildings, we’ve got you covered. Appearances sell when it comes to most businesses and we help you continue to sell and connect with your customers by providing that clean and shiny outer layer to your industrial cleaning projects!

Benefits of Pressure Washing

You might not see the benefits of shelling out for some fancy washing. After all, you and  your employees clean every night, right? There are a lot of great benefits to pressure washing including: 

  • Extending the life of your buildings exterior and reducing repair costs: Regular power washing helps remove mold, algae, and dirt that can eventually damage the outside of your building. You’d then need to do repairs and it would shorten the buildings lifespan. 
  • Boosts curb appeal: appearances are everything! People walking or driving past your business should marvel at how it stands out or inviting it looks! Regular pressure washing gets that shiny exterior for you! 
  • Improves health: pressure washing gets rid of all the things that can make you feel unwell from allergens to mold and pollen. 
  • Prepares the building for painting: If you’re planning to boost your business with a new coat of paint, consider having it pressure washed first! This will get rid of all the loose paint and any built-up dirt lurking underneath. 

When to Pressure Wash

Pressure washing your building is all about timing. You’ll want to keep an eye out for some signs that you should pressure wash including: 

  • Stained siding 
  • Gutters blocked by twigs and leaves 
  • Mold or mildew 
  • Roof infested with algae 

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Western States Exhaust Cleaning specializes in commercial kitchen cleaning applications specific to hood cleaning, kitchen exhaust fan cleaning, filter cleaning, commercial kitchen cleaning, restaurant equipment cleaning & pressure washing services.


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