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Hood Cleaning

For all elements of your kitchen, including those on the roof, we offer the best interior hood cleaning in Honolulu. Our business commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning service covers your canopy hoods, exhaust fans, ducts, filters, and rooftop vents. All work is performed in compliance with NFPA-96 requirements, and you may rest confident that your complete commercial kitchen exhaust system will be cleaned to the highest industry standards.
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Before Hood Service

Your vent hood, designed to draw out smoke and grease, is one of the most common places for a fire to break out in your kitchen. While a fire may start in your cooking area, it can quickly spread to your exhaust system due to built up grease serving as fuel. A major part of keeping a clean and orderly kitchen is cleaning and sanitizing your kitchen exhaust system! Let us do the dirty work for you!

After Hood Service

Once the hood is clean, we take the time to double check all our work to ensure no grease is left in the exhaust system. All of our employees are professionally trained and we know what your commercial kitchen hood needs. Check this task off your to-do list by getting our team on board for your next exhaust cleaning.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services for Oahu and Beyond

Dirt and grime can go far beneath the service and our team is trained to find it at every level! The local fire standards and NFPA 96 require that your exhaust has a thorough cleaning on a regular basis to ensure it passes inspection. 

All of our techs meet this NFPA-96 standard and also have the required insurance for each task with before and after photos to showcase our work! 

Give us a call today at Western State Exhaust Cleaning for these services: 

  • Degreasing your exhaust fan 
  • Thorough cleaning of all exposed interior surfaces and vent canopy 
  • Cleaning and inspection of baffle filters 
  • Cleaning and polishing the entire vent canopy system 
  • No mess-our contractors clean up all the grease and debris 

Certified Technicians

Our experts have over 20 years of expertise, and we're the greatest in the business! We've got all of the training you'll need to complete any kitchen job. Let us do the dirty work so you don't have to!

Western State Exhaust Cleaning Service Guarantee

We provide a thorough cleaning and inspection of your entire system, and we'll work with you to meet the NFPA Standard 96 safety standards if needed. If it doesn't pass inspection after this initial service, we'll repeat it until it does!

Flexible Scheduling

We understand that your kitchen and business have busy periods, so we'd want to be as flexible as possible in order to avoid showing up during peak hours. Everything is planned to cater to your specific requirements!


To make sure that everything is in order, you'll need the appropriate paperwork. We're fully insured and bonded, so we'll handle everything! We're licensed for all types of kitchens and are ready to get in and clean yours today!

Photo Documentation

We're proud of what we do! And we have the pictures to prove it! We take before and after pictures of every job so you can see how much progress we made and reduce your insurance liability as well.

Preventative Maintenance

Get your kitchen cleaned before it's too late. We can perform preventative maintenance to your vent system to keep it running smoothly and to avoid any costly repairs in the future.

The Hood Cleaning Process at Western State Exhaust Cleaning

The process of cleaning your exhaust hood inside and out is time-consuming. Each tech has its own method, and each cleaning service will have its own approach. To ensure that your kitchen is working at peak efficiency, we follow NFPA-96 and local fire regulations with our tried and true technique!

Before we start any job, we confirm our technician's NFPA 96 and insurance are up to date and current. We also require all before and after photos to ensure a safe and thorough job!

Whatever job, big or small, Western State Exhaust Cleaning is here for you!

Prep for Service

To begin, our staff will prepare your entire kitchen before we start cleaning your exhaust system. We do that by turning off any sources of gas or fire such as pilot lights in the ovens. Our team takes the time to cover your appliances with a tarp to prevent grease splatter and cleaning solutions from harming them. To make it easier to get to the ductwork, we remove the baffle filters. We also cover the vent canopy with plastic to catch any liquids that drip down during the cleaning process.

Start at the Fans

The best approach to cleaning ductwork is to follow the same steps as you would for any other cleaning. We begin at the top and remove any dirt, grease, or debris from the ducts before moving on to a degreaser. This process is then followed by a heated pressure washing, which takes place until all of the greases have been removed. Finally, we inspect the fans for any maintenance issues and replace the belts if necessary!

Finish at the Hoods

Kitchen hoods are cleaned in the same meticulous manner as rooftop cleaning. We begin by scraping off all of the built-up grease and debris, then we perform a degreaser and heated pressure washing to finish. The ventilation system is then cleaned and polished baffle filters are reinstalled.

Inspection and Clean-up

Until the whole kitchen has been cleaned up and every inch of the exhaust vent system has been examined, no project is complete. Our experts go over their work from start to finish to ensure that any grease has been properly disposed of if needed, we'll even take the garbage with us! At the conclusion of the job, we affix an inspection and certification sticker to your kitchen hood, which tells everyone from the health department to the fire inspector that your kitchen exhaust hood has undergone a comprehensive inspection, cleaning, and maintenance!

Recommended Hood Cleaning Frequency

Every kitchen and kitchen hood is unique, requiring various levels of attention and upkeep. To guarantee that everyone, including your culinary operation, is safe while it's operating, the NFPA-96 is the regulation used for ventilation management and fire protection in commercial cooking operations.

The recommended schedule is:

Type or Volume


Kitchens using solid fuel cooking.
Kitchens with high volume operations 
Kitchens with moderate volume operations such as 24-hour restaurants 
Establishments that have a low-volume cooking operation such as churches or senior centers 
  • I know this company does great work. They have cleaned the hoods at several restaurants I have worked in. They provide a timely complete and thorough service cleaning from the fans on the roof duct system and hoods and filters. Always friendly outgoing employees that try and accommodate all the customers needs

    Dusty Woodstock

    Monica and her team did such a great job cleaning!!! THANK YOU MONICA!!!

    Pilialoha Ching

    Amazing company, great service, they go above and beyond. You won’t be disappointed

    Christina Nitzsche

Frequently Asked Hood Cleaning Service Questions

Why Should I Clean My System?

The kitchen is the most frequent location for a fire in any type of business, home, or dwelling. The cost of property damage and the risk to life and limb are both significant concerns for businesses and people throughout the country. You can keep costs low in the future by investing in regular maintenance and cleaning schedules as well as saving your company, employees, and potential customers!

Regular cleaning and maintenance is one of the most simple methods to make your workplace safe and pleasant for everyone who works there. You not only reduce the likelihood of a fire, but you also boost company productivity!

Your kitchen and kitchen exhaust will be cleaned on a regular basis by our experts. We make certain that your system is safe from fires and maintains compliance with industry standards from the time we begin!

What meets fire safety code?

When it comes to any business, fire safety code is a major consideration in the design and implementation of your strategy. But how can you find those fire safety codes, and how do you incorporate them into the structure of your company? The National Fire Protection Agency publishes a collection of NFPA-96 codes and standards that assist you in determining the next course of action for your business.

These rules and regulations apply to every commercial kitchen, regardless of industry. NFPA-96 rules and regulations apply to any location with a commercial kitchen area. We've spent years studying and comprehending these standards and procedures at Western State Exhaust Cleaning to better serve you and your kitchen!

How much does a typical vent hood cleaning cost?

When it comes to maintenance and a regular schedule for all of your business's work, the cost is always a major concern. We work with you to provide free quotes so you can anticipate the expense before we begin working!

The cost of cleaning will differ based on the type of system you have. Our staff is committed to customizing every stage of the cleaning procedure, from scheduling to price, to ensure that you receive the ideal tailored quote and experience, every time.

The best part is, that we are completely transparent in our pricing procedure. You will know exactly what the job will cost and we won't throw in any hidden fees.

How long does it take to clean a system?

The turnaround time for each job is dependent on the size of your kitchen system. With a single-story vent hood and fan, it takes around 3 hours to clean. However, as the system grows in size and the amount of dirt rises, cleaning may take a day or more.

How Will They Lock Up When They’re Finished?

Because we work with your schedule, we typically arrive when you're closed or after hours. Our fully certified and bonded team members simply follow your instructions to secure and depart at the conclusion of the job once your crew has gone home for the day or night!

Access Panel Installation

We can get inside your system and clean and maintain anything and everything simply by using access panels.

Baffle Filter Replacement

Baffle filters function as a barrier against fires spreading across your company! They are one of the first lines of defense against any kitchen fires, and they must be kept up to par in order for them to function at their optimal level in an emergency.

Exhaust Fan Belt Replacement

A fan belt will degrade quickly, and you need to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency in order to keep your kitchen operational. Our staff spends the time to inspect and replace all of our fan belts on a regular basis!

Outdoor Power Washing

When it comes to cleaning the inside or exterior of your business or kitchen, there is no better option than Western State Exhaust Cleaning's power washing! Our team has a strategy for each section of your company in order to ensure that it is completely cleaned without harming any surfaces. This procedure also employs hot water, which destroys germs, mold, and mildew. Our pressure washing services will also remove any stains or spills that have built up over time.

The cleaning process is also devoid of chemicals, so you can rest easy knowing that your company is clean and ready to face a new day without the harsh sting of chemicals for your consumers!

Exhaust Fan Hinge Kit Installation

Investing in the small things, such as exhaust fan hinge kits, can protect your company by:  

  • Keeping your roof safe: these kits keep it from getting damaged. Taking out an exhaust fan without the proper training might be difficult and hazardous! An exhaust fan hinge kit makes it easy to get at for basic cleaning. 
  • These kits protect the wiring from harm throughout this maintenance, so you'll never have to worry about a short! 
  • It's important to clean your exhaust fans on a regular basis, but you shouldn't have to remove them every time. The exhaust fan hinge kit protects the fan from being removed repeatedly, so you don't have to do it anymore. 
  • The exhaust fan hinge kit makes cleaning simpler so you can clean frequently! 

Rooftop Grease Containment

Grease build-up can happen in almost any location, and because exhaust fans generally exit on your roof, this is a frequent problem area for grease containment systems. Traditional up-blast fans or industrial set fans aren't adequate to keep your roof safe from grease damage.

Call Western State Exhaust Cleaning when you need a grease confinement system! We may provide your company with a grease confinement system that will safeguard it and minimize the chance of fires, saving you money in the long run.

Our company is built on the foundation of integrity. We are 100% trustworthy and will always deliver high-quality work in a timely manner at an affordable price. All of our services are tailored to your specific demands and business needs. From the first free estimate to sweeping up the last of the dust, we think about your requirements, budget, and time!

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