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COVID-19 Sterilization

The best way to stop the spread of any virus, including coronavirus, is to be proactive. With that in mind, our team at Western States Exhaust cleaning offers a Covid-19 sterilization plan that helps you prepare to open your doors again, or keep them open going forward! After a few months, or year, without much business, your commercial kitchen might be in need of a deep clean. Let our team help y out by working with EPA-approved disinfectants in our electrostatic sprayers designed to kill coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria.
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COVID-19 Sterilization

Professional cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization is important so we offer services to both residential and commercial customers. Family life can be hectic and it often doesn’t leave much room for deep cleaning your home. We’re here to help! At Western States Exhaust Cleaning, we do the heavy lifting for any of your deep cleaning projects to ensure you’re comfortable, healthy, and living your best life in your own home. We make sure your home is safe and sanitized with our team of technicians, trained in every level of CDC guidelines.

Protect Yourself, Your Employees, & Your Customers

Keeping your business afloat and healthy is about more than just the customers. Keeping your commercial kitchen sterilized against Covid-19 with Western States Exhaust Cleaning’s treatment plan, protects you, your employees, and your customers in the long-run. We work with non-corrosive chemicals that sanitize without damaging anything in your home or business.

We work hard to keep a thorough outlook on your home or commercial kitchen to ensure we clean every surface possible including any high touch areas. We tailor every aspect of our service to your needs so we help you have the healthiest home you can imagine.


Our teams and technicians have years of experience in cleaning and sanitizing every situation and surface imaginable. At Western States Exhaust Cleaning, you never have to worry that we missed a spot! As Covid-19 spreads, you want your customers and family to feel safe and well-protected. We make sure you can sleep easy at night knowing everything is backed by years of cleaning and disinfecting experience on our team. We’ve developed a comprehensive procedure that allows us to clean and disinfect everything in your situation or home properly. Every employee is fully trained in our procedures and comes with the equipment necessary to ensure a proper sanitization or cleaning of your home.

The Difference Between Cleaning and Sanitizing

You probably clean your kitchen a lot. But you likely don’t sanitize it as much as you should. Cleaning is all about removing the visible food or soil from the surface. Sanitizing is eliminating any pathogens that hide on a molecular level on the same surface. In order to sanitize appropriately, you have to clean well!

Scrubbing and washing with any number of detergents and surfectants removes all the build-up like soil or grime on a surface which usually harbors some amount of microorganisms and viruses like Covid-19. When you then follow up with a disinfectant, you kill the remainder of bacteria and viruses that are lingering on the surface. Don’t leave this important second step to any old cleaning company! Trust us at Western States Exhaust Cleaning to get down to the molecular level and wipe our any Covid-19 viruses lurking in your business!


Safety is our number one priority and we follow all the CDC recommendations when it comes to sterilization. Our non-corrosive cleaners are all backed by the EPA and we train our team in the best ways to clean food prep areas like ovens and microwaves without leaving a harsh chemical residue. When we leave your home or business, it’s ready for you to open it to family members or customers without fear!

Re-opening your business happens in a rush and you’re pressed for time. All of our procedures are fast, thorough, and reasonable so you can open your business back up wit confidence! We work with you to meet all state and local guidelines along with any CDC recommendations for business planning to open up. At Western States Exhaust Cleaning, we start with a risk assessment to ensure we’re giving you the best level of service possible and making certain that all risk of Covid-19 has ben eliminated!

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