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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

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Before Service

Before we start cleaning your commercial kitchen equipment, our staff does the dirty work of removing all belts, glass panes, baskets and insulated panels. Then, through our high-level cleaning strategies, we clean everything from the exhaust systems to the start button.

After Service

Once the cleaning is finished, we make sure every removable piece goes right back where it belongs. Then our teams test the equipment to ensure it’s assembled correctly.

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Every kitchen produces some amount of grease but commercial kitchens add that hard to clean grease to all surfaces in a jiffy. It’s then tracked through the building by staff and can cause any number of accidents or make for unsanitary conditions. This can then lead to loss of business, become a liability for slips and falls, and be a hassle for staff to clean. Rather than relying on some over-the-counter cleaning solutions and elbow grease from your staff, it’s time to hire industrial strength cleaners who know the grease and know the business!

Regular cleaning and degreasing helps prevent accidents and keeps things clean and sanitary. All food prep areas, cook stations, floors, restrooms, and high traveled areas of your building will need to have regular cleaning and degreasing done by the staff. Your employees and customers will thank you for continued sanitary conditions and safe working environments!

When you need to get big jobs done for cleaning and sanitizing your equipment, there’s no better team to call than Western States Exhaust Cleaning! We use modern disinfecting equipment and high-level cleaning techniques to ensure your commercial kitchens are cleaned and sanitized. Everything we do is done without the use of harsh chemical cleaners that helps to provide a safer environment for your patrons and staff. 

Western States Exhaust Cleaning has you covered for every detail of your commercial kitchen cleaning strategy from cleaning the ceilings to sanitizing every inch of your kitchen equipment. We can do it all and once we’re done with our process, we double check every inch to ensure it all has the Western States Exhaust Cleaning seal of approval! 

Commercial Ovens

Your oven is one of your best workers and has probably been a staple in your commercial kitchen for years. But inside, all that grease and food is bound to build up. A dirty oven can smoke and cause flavor issues as well as safety ones for you and your staff. Our team works with powerful cleaners that get a deep clean on both gas and electric ovens so you never have to worry about ruining a meal or someone’s night with a little smoke.

Deep Fryers

Heat sources and oil don’t normally mix. With a deep fryer however, you’re making wonderful, flavorful creations with them and our team is here to help! We provide regular inspections of deep fryers which help keep them safe and functioning for years to come. Our technicians schedule a regular cleaning every few months to drain old oil and intensely clean the vat and heating components.

Charbroilers and Grills

You likely use your grill about as often as your fryer! All that use can quickly build up food particles, grease, and fat on the metal cooking surface which can then lead to carbonization. You’ll start to notice food flavors changing and your grill losing heat. Regular cleanings may not quite be enough so our team uses a commercial degreaser to put them back in order. While we’re at it, we empty and clean the deflectors and crumb trays so you’ll have the best flavor possible!


Griddles suffer from the same issues as a grill: without enough scrubbing, they can start to accumulate grease and will eventually carbonize said grease until it is impossible to remove. We start with a commercial cleaning agent to deep clean your griddle and if that process doesn’t work, we’ll take the time to re-season it so you can continue using it!

Warming and Holding Equipment

While your griddles and grills see a host of regular cleanings, warming and holding equipment can sometimes be overlooked. They don’t see the same type of grease build-up as other parts of your kitchen but require a more thorough level of sanitizing due to the low heat that’s used. Our team cleans and sanitizes all removable components including the interior and exterior of the equipment!

Gas and Electric Ranges

This is where you’ll see a lot of grease build-up if you’re not careful! Food debris and grease can collect on the surface and in the grease traps of your gas and electric ranges over time. This isn’t just unsanitary but can quickly become a fire hazard. We start with commercial cleaning agents to remove any hardened grease then scrub the entire piece of equipment to clean it. We take the time after we’re done to check all the kitchen vents and ensure they’re working properly before performing any maintenance on malfunctioning portions.

Commercial Range Hoods

Range hoods are designed to trap all that escaping grease and keep it contained. But if you don’t clean these hoods regularly, they quickly become a major fire hazard. Every hood requires a thorough cleaning on a regular schedule to keep your commercial kitchen functioning as it should. We first protect the stove and then clean and inspect the filter, hood surface, and fan before applying degreaser and replacing the filter.

Commercial Toasters

Crumbs collect all over a commercial toaster and these stray pieces can start smoking and eventually might spark a fire. Our technicians go over the whole machine and clean every area of the toaster including the toast loader ramp. We then inspect the ventilation system and clean it appropriately so you never have to worry about a stray crumb fire again!

Rotisserie Ovens

A well-done rotisserie chicken or turkey is a work of art! But all that grease build-up can be a pain for your staff to clean. Our team cleans up the grease, not just off the floor of the oven, but also off the spit and rotors of the machine!

Waffle and Crepe Machines

Stuck-on batter can build up on waffle and crepe machines so our staff is trained to scrub and sanitize the cooking plate, housing, and handles of all batter build-up!

Other Areas

We don‘t stop there; other areas we can clean include:

  • Faucets and Sprayers
  • Sinks
  • Undercounter Warewashing
  • Disposers and Grease Traps
  • Matting and Treads
  • Commercial Dishwashers
  • Distables
  • Dish and Glass Racks
  • Hot Food Tables
  • Commercial Steamers
  • Refrigerators
  • Equipment Stands and Filler Tables

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